My first LOVE FOR post will be about an amazing thing I found with the help of instagram! I've known LUSH for about a year now and I was so happy when they opened their first store in Lithuania, Vilnius ( HERE ). The first thing I tried was their BATH BOMBS and let me tell you they were more than amazing. A few months later I've noticed pictures on instagram of their lip scrub. Well, it woudn't be me if I didn't try this new product for myself! They have 3 flavors MINT JULIPS, POPCORN and BUBBLEGUM. All 3 of them are very good, but I'm all-about-sweets kind of girl and that's why I chose BUBBGLEGUM. What does lip scrub do? It clears dead skin flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth. It's heaven for my lips! If you have dry lips as mine, I so recommend this for you because it's a miracle. And also, everything from LUSH is handmade with fresh ingredients.